In general, your periodontist will always strive to choose the least invasive option to treat and care for your teeth and gums. While surgery may not always be avoidable, we do offer non-surgical therapy options here at West Florida Periodontal.

One of the primary non-surgical therapies we perform here is scaling and root planing. You might think of this as a more in-depth version of a deep cleaning where we will carefully remove plaque and tartar buildup from the root surfaces within deep periodontal pockets. While we do this, we will also smooth the tooth surface to reduce the amount of built-up bacteria.

We also offer a tray delivery system for any topical medications that your periodontist has prescribed. These trays are custom-molded from an impression of your teeth, which ensures a snug fit to effectively deliver the medication where it is needed most – under the gum line. In some cases, treating periodontal disease in this way may reduce the need for more invasive procedures or surgeries.

If you have questions about non-surgical therapy or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (850) 476-8418.